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Is this eyeliner really the Hermes of eyeliners world?

     Can't believe it's May already! Happy May and Sunny days!

     On my recent trip to Japan, I spotted Moteliner by Flowfushi almost in every drug store. I searched it online combined with my brother’s help (he’s studying in japan) I found out that those eyeliners by Flowfushi were called the Hermes in a eyeliners world. As a makeup junkie it’s only natural to grab couple of them lol. Unfortunately there are 4 shades in total, but the black shade ones were sold out in many stores. 

     From what I know the eyeliner is water-resistance, smudge-free and sweat-proof. Moreover I saw the ad on its display, these eyeliners won many beauty rewards.

Description on

“ The Moteliner Takumi Liquid Eyeliner is an advanced, high quality product from innovative Japanese beauty brand FLOWFUSHI. The brush tip applicator has been designed by an authentic Kumano craftsman, using four different types of bristles with variable coarseness for maximum adherence and a pointed tip that moves with contours for perfect precision.”

     The product itself, it’s pure art. When I was using it I can feel how much effort the brand is putting on each eyeliner. The design, packaging, color are beyond my expectation, and did I mention the eyeliner's tip is the finest brush I ever used?!  However, because its soft pointy tip I found it’s bit hard to control, unlike the Stila eyeliner this one I have to “work for” it. On the bright side, thanks to its soft brush tip, it’s actually easier to avoid a thick end when you go for a cat-eye look (see my pic at the end).  Also I found it's definitely smug-proof but not water-proof, I went to the sink and used warm water, it can be washed off easily. 

*Brown black:

     I am always a fan of Japanese crafts, every time when I go to japan things I bought the most were makeup duh… and crafts. Now I actually found there’s brand combined makeup and Japanese crafts together, well you can tell how happy I am. To sum up, though my favorite liquid eyeliner still is Stila Waterproof liquid eyeliner, it doesn't change the fact that this eyeliner is a wonderful liquid eyeliner. 

     Thank you for reading! What do you think about the eyeliner? 

Price: $23

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