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Who says what's broken is broken?!

Happy 2018 Loves,

Not I want to start the new year on a negative note, but this might be the worst thing can happen to any makeup junkie; my Huda Beauty Winter Solstice 3D highlighter palette came with two shades broken. My heart broken with them… This is the second time this kind of things happened to me. The first one was Becca Champagne Pop Special edition; I gave up on it right the way when I saw it was broken.

I ordered mine from, so it’s directly shipped from Dubai. I didn’t want to take the chance to reorder it, also they do not accept any return.

That being said, I can only try to save it by myself. First, I searched on YouTube and also on Pinterst about how to fix a broken eye shadow. It’s actually pretty simple because all you need is alcohol (If you only look at this sentence I might just delivered a very wrong message.) I bought a bottle of 91% rubbing alcohol (mine is from Walgreen), an empty spray bottle and a pack of deposable gloves. I followed all the steps on the Internet at the beginning, then I felt certain steps were unnecessary. As a result, I just needed slowly pour alcohol into the pans and use my fingers to smooth out the surface.

On my last picture, it's the result after I fix them and let them dry overnight(I forgot to clean the edges). It’s definitely isn’t the same like the new ones, but they still work and I used them the other days and didn’t have any problems.

From this fixing broken highlighter experience I learned: first of all, do not throw any broken makeup away especially powders. Second, if you decide to fix them, though by using alcohol they will be fixed, do not expect they will be as good as new. Last, for highlighters, using plastic gloves will turn out to be a mess so it's better use your clean fingers or a spatula.

Have you tried to fix a broken makeup? Let me know!! Thank you for reading.


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