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Huda Beauty Lip Strobes Review and Swatches

Happy Autumn Loves!!!!

I am beyond exited for this season!! I just finished my trip from Japan, really love everything in Japan(well, almost everything), anyway, finally be able to catch up all my reviews/swatches before I left. Today I will swatch and review Huda Beauty Lip Strobes.

Huda Beauty Lip Strobes are described as a collection of strobing metallic lip glosses, from sheer to full coverage and they can be worn alone or topped with lipstick. The whole collection includes 12 shades. 12 shades named after 12 different moods. I picked 5 of them, and they are:

Shameless (bronzy base gold with pink pearls)

Posh (White gold)

Ritzy (champagne base with pink and gold pearls)

Angelic (Rose gold) and

Fearless (Purple with copper gold reflections)

First of all, I love the name "Lip Strobes". It's new and interesting, for what I know, no one use the name but Huda Beauty. The packaging is also as pretty as its name. Absolutely adore the holographic packaging!

Below picture was taken with natural indoor lights:

From L-R: Posh, Ritzy, Angelic, Shameless and Fearless

Below picture was taken with camera flash:

From L-R: Posh, Ritzy, Angelic, Shameless and Fearless

Below picture is the color "Angelic" on my lips:

I am actually amazed by its formula, it's very comfortable to wear, unlike other lip glosses that have sticky formula. There are couple ways to wear lip strobes, for instance, I saw Huda's video that she applied one of her liquid matte lipsticks topped with a lip strobe, then used a tissue to blot off the excess for a shimmery matte finish. The result is absolutely stunning!!! Though I haven't have chance to try that method yet, will give it a try soon for sure!

My favorite color is Angelic among 5 of them (possibly the entire collection), it's slightly pink with rose gold reflects. And actually this is the color I love the most in Huda Beauty's Rose gold eyeshadow palette. Personally, I think Posh, Ritzy and Angelic are so pretty even you just wear them alone. Shameless is such a unique gorgeous color, like a chameleon, the reflects are just amazing. Fearless is a little different than what I expected, it's the sheerest one. I would use it with any burgundy matte lipsticks or any dark tone matte lipsticks. When I was purchasing online, I think it was the name "Fearless" attracted me. It's still a beautiful color, now I am thinking it would be gorgeous with "Famous" liquid matte lipstick(click to read previous post for Huda beauty liquid matte lipsticks swatches), especially for autumn makeup looks.

As for glosses, these are pretty good lasting. I bet they would last longer If I use them by Huda' signature way as I mentioned earlier, that way it would give me matte finishes. I am actually thinking to get more colors, but the thing is Huda beauty is coming so many new makeups this year, and I want them all!!!! Just ordered the Dessert Dusk eyeshadow palette, did you purchase anything new from Huda beauty recently? Let me know!


For US residents: $18

For Non-US residents: $26



Thanks for reading!


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