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Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis Swatches(ALL)

Hi loves,

Today I will swath the entire Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Mini Sets(bought them from Sephora in Dubai Mall), In total of 12. However, there are couple repeated shades in two sets, I will underline them in the description. Also there are two new shades that were not in HB existing colletion (Though now they do).

For those who haven't tried any Huda Beauty liquid matte lipsticks: they are super long-lasting liquid matte lipsticks, smell so good like some kind of ice-cream flavor, and their shades are flattering.

SIZE 4X 1.9mL/0.064OZ



The Nude Edition: Venus(taupe-brown), Bombshell(peachy nude), Flirt(beautiful brown) and Trendsetter(brown nude).

The Brown Edition: Trendsetter, Flirt, Spice Girl(brownish mauve) and Vixen(deep brown).

The Red Edition:Heartbreaker(pinkish red), Material Girl(gorgoeous plum), Showgirl(metallic red) and Famous(burgundy).

The Pink Edition:Gossip Gurl(everyday pink), Trophy Wife(light mauve), Icon(reddish pink), Socialite(Rose Gold).

Size comparison with its Regular size:

Here are swatches:

From L-R :Venus, Bombshell, Trendsetter, Spice Girl, Flirt, Icon, Trophy wife and Gossip Gurl

Second Row:Heartbreaker,Vixen, Famous, Material Girl, Showgirl and Socialite.

Look at these colors!!! How gorgeous!!

(Pic below with camera flash)

(Pic below without camera flash)

TURELY Waterproof as you can see in the pic below, my friend(Who never tried any HB liquid matte) was trying to take them off; just water didn't help that at all, so I had to give her my makeup remover before she thought she would go home like this:)


I think they are worth buying, for me I just love the idea of mini liquid lipsticks. It's convenient to carry around and a great way to try products out before you spend money buy their full sizes. Even though I have almost all Huda Beauty liquid matte lipsticks. I still bought all of these(for the love of Huda and honestly they are just so cute). However, if these minis came out first, I don't think I will buy all of their full sizes, might just pick some favorite shades(Thats why I think she's smart, she launched liquid matte minis after her original liquid mattes).

Moreover, if I can only choose one set to purchase(that would be too hard,actually), I would buy the Pink Edition, because those colors are good for all occasions, PLUS there's one new shade I get to try, so why not? And my second choice would be the Nude Collection. Because there are no such thing as too many nude lipsticks, right?

By the way, Huda beauty lip strobes is available at Sephora now, are you picking up any?

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Thank you for reading,


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