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*NEW Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Swatches and Reviews

" Wanna sparkle like a fairy on acid? Diamond Crushers turn you into a rainbow-rific lightshow with just one swipe of a wand! Get the effect of crushed diamonds on your lips, cheeks, and anywhere else."

-Lime Crime

At the beginning when I got these I thought they are glosses, surprisingly, THEY ARE NOT!! Instead, they are super beautiful shimmery lip toppers!! And each one's proprietary water-based formula is filled with light-reflective iridescent shimmers. Moreover, they smell so yummy, like strawberry!!!!

(Pic below is with camera flash)

FROM L-R: Choke, Dope, Fluke, Lit, Strip and Trip:

(Pic below is with indoor lights)

Trip - delirium purple/turquoise shift Choke - baby pink/baby blue shift Dope - cotton candy/champagne shift Strip - nightclub pink/pink shift Lit - rose gold on acid Fluke - mauve/blue shift

Swatches on my arm:

FROM L-R: Choke, Dope, Fluke, Lit,

Strip and Trip:

I was trying "Dope" as my lip topper on "Wicked" liquid lipstick by Lime Crime, It's like a highlighter for my lips!!! Super sparkly because they are reflective under any kinds of lights. I love how they are as lip toppers.

Swatches last on my arms for 5-6 hours among them Strip and trip lasted the longest, it's not waterproof but definitely performs good as a lip topper.

Then I tried to wear "Lit " on my bare lips, I found that if I want to it appears evenly, I need to use my fingertip to blend the shimmers. However, It didn't disappoint me at all!! I remember how much I loved Kylie's Metallic lipstick Heir, "Lit" reminded me of that, but I think now I love these Diamond Crushers more!!

FIY-When I was swatching Choke, Dope, Fluke and Lit, I found that MIX ANY OF THEM, you will get The BEST HIGHLIGHTER EVER!!!!!! So gorgeous!!!!


Individual $18

The Bundle $80

Where to get:

Overall: A-

Texture: 4.5/5

Longevity: 4/5

Application: 5/5

Pigmentation: 5/5

Any thoughts on these Diamond Crushers? Comment below :)


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