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*Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Lipsticks Swatches(+繁體中文)

"ROUGE ALLURE INK. A matte liquid lip colour. An intense and luminous ink. With its fine and dense pigments, it instantly and weightlessly fuses with the lips for a long-lasting result (8 hrs*). The daring allure that never goes unnoticed."

”ROUGE ALLURE INK啞緻柔滑唇彩,帶來濃郁明亮的霧面唇色。細緻幼滑及高濃度的色素粒子,瞬間與雙唇自然融合,締造輕盈無重的持久妝效(8小時*)。大膽的魅惑妝效使人一見傾心。“ * 經 23 名自願試用者完成臨床試驗評估

以附設之唇掃把啞緻柔滑唇彩直接塗於雙唇。 先以唇線筆為唇部打底,再塗上啞緻柔滑唇彩,可令唇妝更鮮明及持久。


" A second-skin texture thanks to a fine, melt-away formula composed of a unique wax (ensuring softness, suppleness and a velvety feel), jojoba oil (delivering comfort, hydration and protection) and active ingredients (sappan wood, matcha green tea, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E derivative)."


I was really excited to purchase these new Chanel Matte liquid lipsticks. Chanel makeup never disappointed me! I love all their lipsticks especially the Rouge Allure colletion. The Rouge Allure Ink lip color collection only has 8 colors in total. However, they are all very beautiful; from tart pink to deep brown-noir.

I picked 3 colors I thought I would use them often(actually, took me forever to decide.. lol ....) I bought 142 Amoureux, 145 Creatif and 154 Experimente.

超級開心的買到這些新的香奈兒啞緻柔滑唇彩。我從未對她家的彩妝失望過。最喜歡她家口紅,特別是Rouge Allure 系列噢! 這個最新的系列雖然一共出了8個顏色。但是每一個顏色都非常漂亮!

142 Amoureux-perfect nude:


142 Creatif-Rosey pink:


154 Experimente-Beautiful Burgundy


Swatches on my arm, below pic is with camera flash:


Below pic is with indoor lights:


Below pictures are swatches on my lip: