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The Dupe Of Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow Pencil

  I believe I am not the only one who's a big fan of Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow Wiz. In fact, I never used any brow pencil from other brands before. It's just the perfect brow pencil for many reasons. Well, it's time to meet the competition-The NYX Cosmetics Microbrow Pencil. There are 8 colors in total, I have ESPRESSO and BRUNETTE.

Brand Description:

“ Build full beautiful brows with our ultra-thin Micro Brow Pencil. So precise it coats even the finest hairs with color for a natural-looking finish. “ 

   From the pictures you can tell there are differences, like the brush side is the opposite, which I think it is not that important to even mention. The color is obviously different,  the color I have from ABH is in Medium Brown and the one I have from NYX is Espresso. For Abh the color is exactly a “medium brown”. But for NYX, I expected a much darker brown from the shade Espresso (it supposes to be a Deep Brown); instead it’s a kind of warm brown that I don’t think it’s my shade. NYX Micro Brow pencil impressed me once I applied on my brow, it glides on smoothly and has a great color payoff. The thing I must talk is this NYX Micro brow pencil' staying power! It's long lasting and smudge-free, I haven’t tested it under sweat but I think so far it’s good enough for an $8 eyebrow pencil.

  Final thoughts, both of brow pencils are amazing, lightweight and easy to use, for natural brows lightweight is important because the natural brows require light stroke motions frequently. Also they both are duo-ended with one side spoly and both are made in Korea. However, compare the price of Abh Brow Wiz which is $21 , I would totally go for NYX, this is truly the best dupe of Abh! (but I will pick a different color for sure next time, lol)

Thank you for reading! 

Price: $8

regular price $10, but when you sign up your email on the site you can get 20% off. 

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