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Gucci Magnetic Color Shadow Mono-100 ORO

     It's been a while since my last review of Gucci Beauty. I haven’t buy any new makeup from it for so long, but this time the new collection display attracted me while I was shopping in Harvey Nichols in the Emirate Mall. I tried couple things and ended up with more than I wanted to buy( like every time lol). Even though I didn't try this eye shadow on my eyes I still wanted it, because it's just so gorgeous.

Brand Description:

  "The Magnetic Color Shadow Mono debuts with 19 diverse sing-tone eyeshadow. The complete palette is composed of iconic colors from Gucci's fashion archives and modern hues lifted directly from the runway show. Each formula is saturated with pigment and each finish if fine-tuned for a signature eye look."

  At glance I thought this color Oro is just a pretty gold color, but it's actually a gold with bit of bronze hue. From my swatches you might be able to tell how lightly I dipped my finger in the compact, I honestly didn’t want ruin the logo patterns lol. The shade is super pigmented, though it still has fallout but pretty minimal. Furthermore, this eye shadow has very fine powders, probably one of the finest powder eye shadow I’ve ever tried. It’s beautiful whether I use it with other shadows or simply use it alone. Especially after I sprayed some MAC fix plus on my brush then used the shadow, trust me it's stunning. I only put this shadow on my lid (after an eye primer of course), it lasted me about 8 good hours.

  Overall, it's pretty pricy for a single eye shadow, however compare it with other luxury fashion brands who have beauty line as well, I prefer Gucci Beauty. It's the quality and the chic packaging with their logos I adore, plus I haven’t been disappointed by any Gucci Beauty products I’ve tired so far.  Looking forward to try more.

 *Dermatologically tested


2g/ 0.07oz

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