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The Get Glam Tray: Trendmood x Zahrabeauty (中英文)

This Limited Edition makeup organizer is designed by Trendmood (@trendmoon1-The Hottest makeup news account on instagram!Love her) and made by Zahra Beauty. Tray is made of 3 separated parts: Holder: 50x60x100mm; Bottom part: 240x140x58mm and Top part: 240x140x33mm. Below is the picture how it looks as a whole, it's from Zahra Beauty Website:

When I got my package, I was like wow that’s pretty light… Once I opened it and set it up. I was amazed by its great quality. I have so many organizers and I always prefer acrylic makeup organizers! This is another reason why I like The Get Glam Tray. This right size tray can fit so many my makeups; I found enough space for face products, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, makeup brushes and other products that I often use. What I like the most is this tray has three separate parts, so it’s travel friendly. I love to use the holder for my lip liners or brushes. I use the top part for my compacts like highlighters, and lipsticks. I use the bottom part for my lip glosses and eyeshadow palettes. I know many organizers have drawers, but this tray does not. I like it this way, because it does not limit me that I can only use the tray as a whole. Also it's so affordable, $25 for these three parts as a whole tray!

One detail of this tray I love is on the right corner of the top part, it says, “Be your own kind of beauty. Trendmood.” And it’s in purple!!

Below picture is the holder:

Below picture is the top part:

Below picture is the bottom part:

今天我要评论的是这个The Get Glam Tray, 这个托盘其实就是化妆品收纳, 美国人喜欢叫托盘。这个托盘是 @Trendmood1 和 Zahra Beauty合作的限量版。 Trendmood目前有

因为这个跟其他收纳不一样得是这个收纳是由三个不同的部分组成的。第一个部分是holder,有点像透明笔筒,拿来放刷子是最实用的一个。第二个部分是最上面的一层,可以拿来放粉底盒,口红,粉扑跟一些常用的。第三部分是最下面那一层, 可以拿来放一些不太常用的,我拿来放眼影盘和唇彩。这个收纳特别轻巧,如果我是去度假的话,我会带那个化妆刷筒跟第一层。我买过好几种这样透明的化妆收纳盒, 这个可能是我最喜欢的了。其他收纳总觉得又大又重,有些东西都放不下。 这个要用东西的时候方便,想换个位置放这个收纳也好移动。 这个收纳最好的是它的价格,总共25美金!我买的收纳一般都是5,60美金。这个可以说是物廉价美了。

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