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Sleek Makeup Precious Metals Highlighting Palette

Hi loves,

Today I want to review the sleek cosmetics precious metals highlighting palette. We all know highlighting and contour are the big trend now; I am crazy about it like everybody else! Any product that says it's for highlighting and contouring, I am in!!! Lol

I love how highlighting and contour can make a big difference, and I love every highlighting product's unique!

Enough talking about my passion about highlighting and contour, let's see this product!!

(Without Flash:

Top row: Platinum, Royal Gold

Last row: Renaissance Gold, Antique Bronze)

(Up to down: Antique Bronze, Platinum, Royal Gold and Renaissance Gold)

(Above picture is with flash)

(Above is the swaches on my arms with flash)

This palette contains 4 different shades, 3 creamy shades and one shade in powder form. Very very pigmented, shimmery texture with metallic finish, when I tested these cream colors, they are so smooth to be applied on skin, and the powder is easy to blend as well, let's see the colors: Platinum, Royal Gold, Renaissance Gold and Antique Bronze (in powder).

Platinum is shimmery sliver, Royal gold is more pinkish than Renaissance Gold, Antique bronze is highly pigmented bronze color! All of them are beautiful, these three cream colors alone' stay power is around 4,5 hours, but the Antique bronze stays longer compares with the three others. When I use matte finishing powder and urban decay setting spray, all three cream colors last longer about 6,7 hours.

$14.99 9g/0.34oz

You can purchase Sleek makeup through their website:


Let me what do you think!!

Thank you for reading!!


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